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December 21, 1998

·Truancy prevention absent in schools, Chavous charges
·Charter school accountability lacking/18 schools operating, 2 school boards chartering, no reporting provision in law
·D.C. inmates face 'reign of humiliation' at private Youngstown prison, report says
·Murry's quietly redefines its image/Purveyor of frozen steaks on a mission to provide groceries to inner city
·MPD goes online with comprehensive guide
·Residents offer advice to incoming mayor/A challenge: Not everyone wants a Barry antidote
·'Kidwitness' puts news in focus for D.C. students
·For clergy, 'tis the season to be stressed/While others get holiday time to recuperate, ministers work on Christmas

·Residential D.C. needs to sparkle, too

December 7, 1998

·D.C. Register AWOL for three weeks
·Gasoline prices vary depending on area
·New York Ave. Building up for landmark status
·IG's report details increased probes
·New prison plans could mean fewer jobs
·Adams Morgan moratorium in the works again
·From AIDS advocate to city councilman
·One hundred years of multitudes/Shrine of the Sacred Heart celebrates centennial with multicultural pageantry
·Painting pictures from the inside out/Local artist's work is on display in Brookland gallery
·Mendelson hopes to change business as usual

·When do we blame the control board?

November 23, 1998

·Feds probing private prisons/Public safety concerns delay expected CCA contract award
·Few custodians delays locker issue
·D.C. Cablevision proposes cable theft law
·Ambrose urges greater ABC clout for city residents
·'A very expensive way to live'/Consumers pay high fees for convenience of check-cashing outlets
·Chief Ramsey and La Raza/D.C.'s police chief meets with Latinos in Columbia Heights
·Fighting holiday stress/Local counselor suggests keeping tuned into 'perspective, purpose, play' to cope with events
·Planning can help limit holiday debts
·H Street merchants set to revitalize business corridor ravaged in '68 riots
·'Let 'em eat cake...'/Post employees protest company's contract offer

·Avoiding residency/Why isn't Bob Dole a D.C. resident?

November 9, 1998

·Boys Town says it has no plan for $7.1 million D.C. expansion/Congress includes funding in District's '99 budget as NE residents fume
·Diversion of funds, lack of focus hamper management reforms
·Battle over marijuana goes to courts
·Inadequate ANCs need help and guidance
·Smith bids farewell to council job
·Green Party takes root in the District
·Mason's run on council over/'Everybody's grandmother' reflects on 21-year public career
·Firefighter's widow files suit against District
·Swing...D.C. style
·McMillan Reservoir slated for development

·Gutless/D.C. officials should stand up to Congress, announce the voters' Initiative 59 decision

October 26, 1998

·IG investigates D.C. firefighters accused in fire
·Majority on council opposes Ward 8 prison
·Taxi commission OKs change to metered cabs
·Housing to rise at former hospital site/Fresh Fields nears deal in Dupont East; selects 15th & P over 13th & V location
·Congress stubs out marijuana initiative/Both sides left fuming after budget passes with spending prohibition
·Valued lesson/Anacostia grade school focuses on behavior code
·Norton: D.C. workers' pensions 'secure'/Delegate to Congress says federal raid on retirement fund won't affect retirees' benefit payments
·$6.8 billion city budget comes with strings

·Vote! It's not over 'til it's over...

October 12, 1998

·Life of the party/If Statehood's Mason loses re-election bid, is the party over?
·Foe-turned-pro says CCA pays him for services/Jenkins out front for Ward 8 prison
·Third Safeway could close in inner-city D.C./City warned on Edgewood store
·Groups clash over Congress Hts. school
·No more symbolic campaigns/Green Party needs 7,500 votes on Nov. 3 to gain ballot status in D.C.
·Mopping up in metro D.C./But NE Washington manufacturer says city, feds won't buy his wares
·ANC funding eliminated in compromise bill
·Committee on police misconduct and management releases findings/Level of citizen involvement praised as unprecedented


·Beyond black & white/D.C. needs to get over its institutionalized preoccupation with people's skin color
·Ward 8 or bust/Why has no one proposed alternative prison sites within the District's borders?

September 28, 1998

·Firemen accused of setting fire
·Targeting customers of hookers, dealers begins to show results
·Prison programs 'better than schools' enrage city residents
·Rivlin vows to dissolve control board
·Barnett defends her record as city manager
·Marcus Garvey school to be audited
·Contrasting styles/GOP mayoral campaign hits high gear while Democrat vacations/A look inside Schwartz's campaign
·Contrasting styles/GOP mayoral campaign hits high gear while Democrat vacations/A look inside Williams' campaign
·Convention center bonds sold, groundbreaking set


·Let the public in/D.C. residents shut out of systemby their own elected government

September 14, 1998

·Ward 8 prison opposition grows/District leaders join PG, Md., officials to fight CCA bid for federal contract
·Norton, ANCs launch drive to save funding
·Plan shifts cops to high-crime areas
·COMMENTARY: Ramsey captures rank-and-file officers' respect
·Trash, cancer deaths concern Michigan Park
·Symbol of diversity/U Street strip draws tourists, club kids, professionals, poets

·Is anybody listening? D.C. officials ignore residents' protests against neighborhood destruction

September 7, 1998

·Too many vacancies/Mayoral candidates share their plans for ridding the District of its abandoned properties
·What they want for D.C. in the year 2010
·Next mayor's challenge/Candidates agree apathetic D.C. residents need motivation to participate
·'Popping' art, 'trashy' theater mix at nonprofit D.C. Arts Center
·Working the street/In revitalizing the city's neighborhoods, raising money is often only half the battle

·Lying to the public

August 24, 1998

·Mayoral hopefuls offer ideas to attract stores/Discussion focuses on city's under-served neighborhoods
·Candidates pledge to lower D.C.'s chronic joblessness
·Candidates back ANC funding/Say commissions are needed despite flaws
·On bringing back democracy...
·Residential recycling to resume in October/City to distribute new bins, launch information campaign about program prior to its start
·All in the family/Neighborhood landmarks have been serving food to residents for decades
·High unemployment persists in the District/City's jobless rate 3 times higher than in suburbs

·Our next mayor

August 10, 1998

·CCA in line to build D.C. prison/Local officials quiet as Ohio politicians try to shut down D.C. contractor
·Adams Morgan mulls liquor license freeze
·Fix, don't nix city's ANCs, activists cry
·Deadly corrections/Family waits for information about inmate death at Youngstown prison
·NY Ave. Plan gathers dust on mayor's desk
·Walker-Jones Elementary parents demand change

·No more walls/Official Washington ignores a message after another senseless tragedy

July 27, 1998

·Mayoral candidates get short shrift at WIN forum
·12 Democrats seek party's nod in at-large city council contest
·D.C.'s lost picture shows/Burger chain to rescue one of many decaying theaters

·Who's in charge of D.C. schools?

July 20, 1998

·Can Chinatown survive?/In shadow of MCI Center, rising rents push out Chinese merchants
·Council considers development near Columbia Heights Metro
·Howard University presents campus plan
·Shaw center faces Congress/Protesters claim they are shut out of process
·A decaying landmark waits/Neighborhood wants historic site returned to community use

·Our tax dollars/Federal or local funds, D.C. taxpayers will foot convention center bill

July 13, 1998

·Home ward support for Chavous lags
·Caviness advocates participation/D.C. cabbie makes GOP mayoral bid
·D.C. youth piece together colors of life
·When the flock dwindles/D.C. church looking for creative ways to ensure future
·D.C. teen competes in computer Olympics

·Maligning a city/Media's preoccupation with bad news creates fearful atmosphere that exaggerates actual danger

June 29, 1998

·Rebuilding a reputation/La Casa strives to become a better neighbor
·Recycling could resume in September/Proposed new contract costs city 15% less; D.C. council vote scheduled for July 7th
·Ballot or bust/Fringe mayoral candidates launch quiet campaigns
·On board/Elected D.C. school board student member hands off duties but not commitment

·Celebrating what on the 4th of July? 'Independence' is only a street name in the nation's capital
·Tell us what you think

June 22, 1998

·Pilot program glitches bring welfare woes
·Hot dog crackdown/Street vendors say they're under attack
·D.C. graduates discover career options
·Group preparing lawsuit for voting rights
·Northeast residents prepare to do battle as snakes move into abandoned property
·Residents demand services/CMO Barnett jumps into 'east of the river' trenches
·Rent control advocates remain vigilant
·Labor graduates local leaders
·There she is/Ms. Senior D.C. savors the moment, anticipates upcoming national event
·Serving those who serve the public/D.C.'s Friendship Fire Association struggles with money problems as it tries to fulfill its mission to give aid and relief to District firefighters

·Stop using the children/D.C.'s kids need a future, not a 'photo op'

June 15, 1998

·Part of the equation/District residents feel a world away from their government
·Convention center critic concedes financing fight
·Prostitutes in Ward 5 prompt complaints
·Shopping center planned for Ward 8/Congress Heights development would be largest shopping center in economically deprived ward
·Fire department fixing years of neglect
·Council-manager model popular in U.S. cities/Brimmer's proposal decried by city groups
·The quest for pavement/Northeast man continues 50-year plea for end to dirt alley problems
·Garage in Adams Morgan nears approval
·In focus/Mount Pleasant photographer documents neighborhood diversity
·Father figure/Proest on wheels lends D.C. cops, families a compassionate ear

·The Common Denominator
·America's shame: Sham democracy in the nation's capital

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