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Tax officials: Golden’s back taxes are paid

(Published Dec. 4, 2000)

D.C. tax officials have re-moved prominent local businessman Terence Golden’s Spring Valley home from the list of properties delinquent on real estate taxes after processing his tax payment.

A spokesman for the Office of Tax and Revenue said Golden mailed his check for payment of past-due real estate taxes Sept. 28 and that processing was delayed due to audit-related procedures at the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.

The Common Denominator reported Nov. 20 that Golden’s $1.5 million Northwest Wash-ington home was sold at auction for $31,996.41 last July to a Boston-based company for failure to pay a 1999 real estate tax bill of $17,996.41. Golden, who is active in local civic and development affairs and recently stepped down as president and chief executive officer of Host Marriott Corp., maintained he paid his taxes, but city officials said they had "no evidence" at the time that his taxes had been paid.

"The property is now back in his possession and any money paid by the purchaser will be returned, plus 18 percent interest," said tax office spokeswoman Jacqueline Wallace.

D.C. property owners whose real estate is sold at a tax auction have six months beyond the auction date to "redeem" their property by paying their delinquent taxes.

Wallace said city officials followed proper procedures when they included Golden’s home in the July tax auction because his 1999 real estate tax payment was late.

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