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More speed cameras coming
(Published November 1, 2004)

The Metropolitan Police Department has begun installing four more stationary cameras to catch speeders, including this one at the main entrance to Trinity University in the 100 block of Michigan Avenue NE.

MPD spokesman Kevin Morison said the cameras, which operate 24 hours a day, are being added to commuter thoroughfares where the use of car-mounted cameras has resulted in a large number of motorists being ticketed for exceeding the speed limit or where a lot of crashes occur.

In addition to Michigan Avenue, cameras are being installed in the 2700 block of Benning Road NE, the 4700 block of MacArthur Boulevard NW and the 5400 block of 16th Street NW.

"We will probably announce these [being activated] before the end of the year," Morison said, adding that the department probably will institute a warning period before tickets are issued in the new enforcement zones.

Currently, only one stationary speed camera is in operation in the District, near the main entrance to Gallaudet University on Florida Avenue NE. Morison said only about 3 or 4 percent of motorists in that area are caught speeding, down from about 15 percent when the camera there was first installed.

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