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Fire/EMS workers honored

(Published October 21, 2002)

D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department personnel who exemplify the highest standards of bravery, commitment and public service were honored Oct. 11 as part of Fire Prevention Week activities.

Twenty-three Bronze Bars for valor were awarded by interim Fire Chief Adrian Thompson during the ceremony at Gallaudet University. Receiving the coveted bars were Lt. John Desautels, Firefighter Kelly Hutchinson (retired), Sgt. Joseph A. Morgan, Firefighter William D. Caudle, Firefighter Louis J. Matthews (posthumously), EMT Edward L. Morgan, Firefighter Anthony S. Phillips (posthumously), Firefighter John W. Windsor, Jr., Firefighter Technician John R. Selestok, Firefighter James L. West, Capt. Robert P. Mullikin, Firefighter John D. Ayers, Firefighter Derek A. Brachetti, Firefighter Jeffrey A. Carroll, Firefighter William W. Croson, Fire-fighter Erik L. Karlsons, Firefighter David Keefe, Firefighter Terry B. McAllister, Firefighter Colin J. Montgomery, Firefighter Kurt Palman, Firefighter Jan C. Sipes, Firefighter Technician Robert Washing-ton and Firefighter Charlie A. Williams.

Certificates of Appreciation also were presented during the ceremony to the following personnel employed in the Fire Prevention, EMS and Administrative Services divisions.

EMS Division: Sgt. Oscar E. James, Paramedic Jeffrey T. Baker, Paramedic Calvin L. Ford, Paramedic Robert E. Johnson, Paramedic Thomas A. Yowell, EMT Antonio P. Fernandez, EMT LaKisha L. Lacey, EMT Sharon L. Moore, EMT Vincent A. Washington, George L. Cole-man and Lloyd Longshore.

Fire Prevention Division: Lt. Tony L. Falwell, Lt. William F. Guffey, Sgt. Philip Proctor, Investigator Wesley A. Hamilton Jr., Inspector Technician Brenda J. Fenton, Inspector Edgar E. Alvear, Inspector Cheryl Hunter, Inspector Kimberly Pinkney, JoeAnn Mackey and Aleazor Taylor.

Administrative Services: Rose Boardley, James A. Brown, Donnell E. Butler, Norris R. Bynum, Otis R. Coleman, Owen G. Duncan, Michael C. Jackson, Stanley V. Johnson, Aaron W. Maxwell, Robert W. Morton, Anthony L. Mullins, Arthur N. Smith and Sandra D. Smith

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