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Council returns to D.C. city hall

(Published September 10, 2001)

The John A. Wilson Building, underwent extensive renovation while the city council and mayor did their duty at One Judiciary Square. The council moved back to the Districts city hall on Sept. 7.

In 1997, D.C. City Council was the last government entity to pull its offices out of a then-deteriorating John A. Wilson Building, the District’s historic city hall at Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Street NW.

Now, the council is among the first portions of the city government to return, $68.5 million later, to the local government’s renovated and restored stately home.

"The refurbished building is a symbol of the city’s new fiscal viability and its return to self-determination," the mayor said in a written statement released Sept. 6 by his office, on the eve of the council’s move from temporary quarters at One Judiciary Square.

Council offices were expected to be operating on Sept. 10, with all council telephone numbers remaining the same.

Mayor Williams is expected to move into the Wilson Building before the end of the month.

Other offices that began moving into the Wilson Building on Sept. 7 are the Office of the Secretary, Ceremonial Services, the Office of Neighborhood Action and senior staff for the Corporation Counsel’s office.

City council will continue to hold public hearings at One Judiciary Square for a brief period when the council returns from recess in mid-September. Due to some uncertainty about a specific moving date, many hearings were scheduled and advertised to be held at One Judiciary Square. In addition, television equipment for broadcasting council sessions also needs to be transferred to the new building.

The mailing address for the John A. Wilson Building is 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20004. It is located near the Federal Triangle Metro station.

Council members’ individual office suite numbers are listed below:

City Council Offices

• Chairman Linda Cropp Suite 504

• Harold Brazil, At-Large Suite 404

• David Catania, At-Large Suite 110

• Phil Mendelson, At-Large Suite 400

• Carol Schwartz, At-Large Suite 105

• Jim Graham, Ward 1 Suite 406

• Jack Evans, Ward 2 Suite 106

• Kathleen Patterson, Ward 3 Suite 107

• Adrian Fenty, Ward 4 Suite 506

• Vincent Orange, Ward 5 Suite 108

• Sharon Ambrose, Ward 6 Suite 102

• Kevin Chavous, Ward 7 Suite 402

• Sandra Allen, Ward 8 Suite 408

The Pennsylvania Avenue entrance to the Wilson Building, closed since 1977, is being reopened. Upon entering the building from this entrance, odd-numbered rooms are on the left and even-numbered rooms are on the right.

Council committees will be located in the following suites:

• Judiciary Suite 109

• Public Works Suite 111

• Public Services Suite 113

• Human Services Suite 115

• Government Operations Suite 117

• Economic Development Suite 119

• Education, Libraries and Parks Suite 116

• Finance and Revenue Suite 114

• Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Suite 112

• Human Rights, et al Suite 121

• Labor, et al Suite 118

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