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Independents file for November ballot

(Published September 9, 2002)


Staff Writer

He’s a mayoral candidate who is in favor of first-class public hospitals and public schools, affordable housing and holding the government accountable — and few voters have ever heard of him.

Robert Moore is one of four other "independent" candidates who filed petitions with the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics to get their names on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Moore describes himself as an "independent Democrat who thinks outside of the box." His name will be included with four other candidates — Johnny Barnes, Tricia Kinch, Sam Manuel and Daniel S. Orci Jr. — who represent just a handful of the original 23 who filed their intent to run as independents. The ballot also will include the winners of the Sept. 10 Democratic, Republican and D.C. Statehood Green party nominations for mayor.

Election laws in the District make running as an independent a harder task than seeking a political party’s nomination. Whereas party candidates need only 2,000 signatures of registered voters to be listed on the primary election ballot, independent candidates must obtain 3,000 signatures to appear on the general election ballot.

These candidates represent the most innocent form of republican government, one without partisan politics, special interest groups or large fund-raising apparatuses. They run their campaigns banking solely on their personal appeal and message. Nearly all are optimistic about November. Few are widely considered to be serious contenders – at least at this early stage of the fall campaign.

Below are other candidates who have filed petitions to appear on the November ballot. In some cases, no candidate filed to run as an independent.

Three positions on the D.C. Board of Education also will be up for election this fall. School board races are non-partisan, so candidates do not compete in a primary election.

Running unopposed for re-election as president of the Board of Education is Peggy Cooper-Cafritz.

Running for District III member of the Board of Education are Sunday Abraham, Benjamin Bonham, Marshall R. Phillips Sr. and incumbent Tommy Wells. District III includes the geographic areas that make up Wards 5 and 6.

Running unopposed for re-election as District IV member of the Board of Education is William Lockridge. District IV includes the geographic areas that make up Wards 7 and 8.

The elected school board representatives for District I and II are not up for re-election this year. Their terms expire in 2004.

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