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DMV limits vehicle re-inspections, expands ticket amnesty program

(Published August 13, 2001)

Beginning Aug. 13, the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles will impose a limit on the number of times vehicles may be re-inspected for free.

Previously, vehicles that failed the required safety inspection could be brought back to the cityís vehicle inspection station in Southwest Washington an unlimited number of times and continue to receive extensions on the time allowed to make needed repairs. Vehicles will now be limited to two re-inspections after they fail.

"You will have to pay for new inspections after two re-inspections," said DMV spokeswoman Regina Williams.

Williams said the change was necessary because many motorists have been abusing the system to avoid making the needed repairs.

Earlier this summer, DMV officials instituted a $15 fee for every 30 days that vehicle owners are late in getting their vehicles inspected. Williams said the late fee was imposed because 65 percent of D.C. residents were found to be showing up late for vehicle inspections. Maryland and Virginia charge a late fee.

DMV officials also announced expansion of the departmentís amnesty program for unpaid tickets.

Effective Aug. 13, DMV officials will waive all late fees for overdue parking tickets that were received prior to April 9, 1997, if they are paid by Oct. 26. The amnesty program also waives late fees for outstanding moving violation tickets that are paid by Oct. 26.

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