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Shop tax-free August 5-13
(Published July 24, 2006)

The District's annual back-to-school sales tax holiday will allow shoppers to buy clothing, shoes, accessories and school supplies tax free Aug. 5-13.

The sales tax exemption applies to each elgible item, costing $100 or less, regardless of how many total items are purchased at one time. The exemption also applies to layaway sales if the retailer and customer enter into a layaway agreement or the customer makes the final payment on the layaway order during the exemption period.

The holiday from paying the District's 5.75 percent sales tax on selected items was created several years ago at the initiative of D.C. City Councilwoman Carol Schwartz to encouragefamilies preparing children for the upcoming school year to ship in the District.

A second sales tax holiday, beginning the weekend following Thanksgiving, Nov. 24, and ending at midnight Dec. 3 will allow persons to do tax-free shopping in the District for the holidays.

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