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Mayor names three cabinet members

(Published July 12, 1999)

D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams announced July 9 appointment of three new cabinet members. He nominated Elliott B. Branch to head the Office of Contracting and Procurement, Peter G. La-Porte as director of the Emergency Management Agency and Chere A. Calloway as director of Public Services.

Branch previously served as executive director of acquisition and business management in the office of the assistant secretary of the Navy. He also served as a contract specialist in the Naval Air Systems Command.

LaPorte will oversee the agency charged with coordinating emergency services, training emergency personnel and informing the public of impending emergencies.

Previously he served as chief of staff to Terrence Gainer, assistant chief of police for the Metropolitan Police Department. Prior to that, he served as executive director of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

Calloway will be responsible for preparing District agencies to compete with private firms for contracts to provide some city services.

She previously served as the senior project manager at the Michigan Department of Management and Budget.

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