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Brazil, Fenty top list of council fund-raisers
(Published June 28, 2004)

Staff Writer

D.C. City Council members Harold Brazil and Adrian Fenty raised the most money during the past three months among all candidates so far running in the six city council primary races.

In fact, Brazil, D-At Large, and Fenty, D-Ward 4, brought in more money to their campaigns, a total of more than $200,000, between March and June than the rest of the other 33 candidates combined, based on financial disclosure reports that were due June 10 in the Office of Campaign Finance (OCF).

Not all candidates -- including incumbent Councilwoman Carol Schwartz, R-At Large, and former mayor Marion Barry, who is running for the Ward 8 seat -- filed reports of receipts and expenditures because they announced their candidacies too late to face the quarterly filing deadline.

The list of donors to Fenty’s and Brazil’s campaigns, similar in many respects to other candidates’ lists, is a who’s who of developers, business owners and the District’s political elite.

Since March, the Ratner family and their company RMS of Cleveland have donated a combined total of $5,000 to Brazil’s campaign. That family with their company Forest City Enterprises Inc. gave $2,500 to Fenty. Individuals and companies are allowed to give a maximum of $1,000 to at-large candidates and a maximum of $500 to ward campaigns.

Robert H. Smith of Arlington, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who gave $15 million to the University of Maryland to get its College Park business school named after him, gave Brazil $1,000. Also giving $1,000 was development firm Miller and Long of Bethesda. Dominic Antonelli, who owns parking garages all over the District, has given more than the allowable $1,000 to Brazil and has had the extra sent back, as did Greg W. Fazakerley, the chief executive officer of the Fazakerley Group.

Malpractice lawyer Jack Olender and his wife, Lovell, each gave $500 to Councilman Kevin P. Chavous’s campaign for re-election to represent Ward 7. Olender’s law firm also appeared on Brazil’s contributor list. Chavous’s campaign, with cash on hand of $72,000 at the end of this period, also took in money from Ashcraft and Gerel, the Alexandria law firm, which also supported Brazil. Chavous faces seven other candidates in the September Democratic primary. Ward 7 Democrats leader Vincent Gray, who has raised about $14,000, came in second to Chavous in fund-raising for the ward race.

Since mid-March, Brazil has gotten $250 from former Ward 4 councilwoman Charlene Drew Jarvis, as well as $100 from Stephen J. Trachtenberg, the president of George Washington University.

Fenty received $500 from Dream nightclub and $250 from Ernest Jarvis, the son of the council member Fenty unseated four years ago who is a senior associate with CB Richard Ellis, a D.C. real estate firm that recently went public. Daniel Solomon, chairman of DC Vote, an organization concerned with congressional voting rights for D.C. citizens, gave Fenty $500.

The D.C. law firm of Shaw Pittman and the global real estate firm of Trammell Crow, based in Texas, gave thousands of dollars to many candidates along with the attorneys and associates within the companies.

For a full list of people who, during the past three months, gave at least $250 to any candidate, and businesses or organizations who gave any money at all, look to the end of this article.

Brazil is running against five other Democrats in the primary on Sept. 14. Fenty so far faces no opposition in the Democratic primary or the general election.

"You’ve got to prepare for someone to get in the race," Fenty said in a telephone interview. "You’ve got to approach every race as if it’s contested – or else you get snake bitten."

Opponents and supporters wonder if a candidate is taking the race seriously, Fenty said, and raising money shows people he is serious.

"When you have never been re-elected, it’s not something you take lightly....We’re not taking anything for granted," Fenty said.

Fenty so far has raised $275,000, putting him in the stratosphere of fund-raising with other incumbents Jack Evans at $274,000 and Harold Brazil at nearly $400,000. All three campaigns have cash on hand at lower amounts because they have spent some of their receipts.

Sam Brooks, a Democrat from Upper Northwest who’s among several hopefuls running against Brazil in the primary for the an at-large council seat, has collected several $250 to $1,000 contributions. By June 10, he had out-raised and under-spent Kwame Brown, who is widely believed to be Brazil's major challenger, leaving Brooks with $23,000 to Brown’s $14,000. On June 15, Brooks’ campaign released numbers saying that it had raised about another $10,000 since the report. His total receipts put him near the $50,000 mark, further ahead than Fenty was at the same time four years ago when Fenty first ran.

"We’ve kind of had a good push toward the end there," Brooks said in an interview.

Among Brooks’ reported campaign expenditures is $482 spent on two tickets for Southwest Airlines to bring in a film crew from Los Angeles. Brooks said that the Internet ad he has on his web site was shot by the crew, but that he did much of his own editing afterward.

At about $3,500 for the shooting and editing "it was just a lot cheaper" than paying for nearby companies, Brooks said.

Democrat Jack Evans had $220,000 cash on hand — that’s total receipts less total expenses — in early June for his run to keep his Ward 2 seat. He is running unopposed in the September primary, but could face Republican Jesse Price and D.C. Statehood Green Party Candidate Jay Marx in November. Both are running unopposed in their primaries, but neither submitted financial disclosure statements for June.

Marx picked up his campaign declaration papers after the June 10 deadline and so does not need to file until August, and Price has checked the $500 exemption, meaning that he does not plan to raise or spend more than $500 during the entire campaign. Fourteen days before the primary, Marx will need to notarize and file a form stating that he did not go over the spending cap.

Although Evans’ campaign brought in only about $8,000 for the three months ending June 10, his list of contributors includes Elinor Bacon, who gave $350, and Jonathan J. Ledecky, who donated $500. Bacon was the head of the District’s National Capital Revitalization Corp. and worked with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HOPE VI public housing projects. Ledecky once owned part of the Washington Capitals hockey franchise.

Evans' expenditures, at about $35,000 for the three-month period, included $525 for six $75 tickets given to campaign volunteers who attended an event sponsored by Washington Life magazine. The Men and Women of Substance and Style gala raised money for Hoop Dreams, a charitable program that helps inner-city kids, said John Ralls, Evans’ campaign manager.

"Jack was a, quote, man of substance and style this year," Ralls said. So, as a thank you, Ralls said, "we took (the volunteers) to that, and gave to Hoop Dreams as well."

The campaign also spent $528 for two bouquets of flowers that went to campaign staffer Jeff Travers and volunteer Patrice Miller. The flowers were a thank you "for their work on coordinating the May 20, 2004, campaign kickoff," said the disclosure report, which was more detailed than most candidates’ filings.

"I sent them each a big, nice, huge bouquet" for their work, Ralls said, even though Travers gets paid for his consultancy. The kickoff event with over 300 people "was a spectacular success," and Travers and Miller were instrumental, Ralls said, adding, "Jack was thrilled with the out-turn. It was the best event he’s ever had."

There’s no limit to what a campaign can pay or give to a volunteer, so long as the money spent is going toward political purposes, said Kathy S. Williams, the campaign finance office's general counsel. Keeping volunteers happy so that they get out and work for the candidate can fit within that definition, she said. She added that the OCF looks at all expenditures of all candidates to make sure the money is spent legally.

In the packed field to be the Ward 8 Democratic candidate — nine people are running — Councilwoman Sandy Allen has taken in a total of nearly $38,000 and has spent only about $2,000. She’s gotten financial help from former D.C. financial control board chairman Alice M. Rivlin, at $500, as well as D.C. "shadow" Sen. Paul Strauss. Suzanne J. Peck, the District’s chief technology officer, contributed $500. The city’s Unified Communications Center is being built in Ward 8.


The best-funded campaigns for D.C. City Council are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from a variety of sources -- including individuals, businesses, political committees and political action committees (PACs).

Many of the campaign committees representing 35 declared candidates for council were required to submit by June 10 a "Report of Receipts and Expenditures" to the Office of Campaign Finance, detailing who gave money to the campaign and where it was spent over the past three months. The candidates are running for six seats on the council: two at-large seats and the seats in Wards 2, 4, 7, and 8.

The Common Denominator combed through the reports and has listed below all candidates who have picked up candidacy forms from the Board of Elections and Ethics. Listed as well are individuals who have given at least $250 to the campaigns and all businesses and committees who gave to campaigns, regardless of the amount. The contribution limit for at-large seats is $1,000 and for ward seats it is $500.

Many of the candidates running in the primaries on Sept. 14 were not required to file financial disclosure reports before the June 10 deadline because they declared their candidacy beyond the reporting period. Many candidates' campaign committees also haven’t filled out financial disclosure forms because they checked a box on their statement of organization at the Office of Campaign Finance that said they planned not to raise or spend more than $500 during the course of the campaign (the "$500 exemption"). Should these people get the necessary numbers of D.C. voters' signatures on their petitions for candidacy to be in the primary, they will have to submit a form 14 days before the primary certifying that they have not received or spent $500.


Alvin Bethea, Democrat

-Cash on Hand March 11: $0

-Total Receipts during the period: $600

-Total Expenditures during the period: $50

-Cash on Hand June 10: $550

-From Individuals and Businesses and other organizations: Lawrence B. Taishoff $500.

Harold Brazil, Democrat

-Cash on Hand March 11: $131,546.84

-Total Receipts during the period: $170,908.22

-Total Expenditures during the period: $123,844.92

-Cash on Hand June 10: $178,610.14

-From Individuals and Businesses and other organizations: Greenebaum & Rose Assoc. $1,000; Devrouax & Purnell Architects & Planners PC $500; Met Limited Partnership $750; Robert O. Carr $500; JWB Inc. dba Harry’s $250; Marty’s Restaurant Inc. $250; BA King Farm IV LLC, Greenbelt, Md., $1,000; Joseph E. Robert Jr. $1,000; Veronica B. Mariani $1,000; Joseph F. Horning $1,000; Randy L. Rogers $1,000; David Roodberg $1,000; Michael R. Kain $1,000; A&R Development Corp. $1,000; Irrevocable Trust for William L. Adams $1,000; The Integral Group LLC $1,000; The Albemarle Group LLC $1,000; Property Capital LLC $1,000; Roadside Development LLC $2,000 (refunded $1,000 for being over the legal limit); Benjamin R. Jacobs $1,000; Empire Apartments $500; 1310 L Street NW Building $500; Abbott Development Group LLC $1,000; Greg W.Fazakerley $1,000 (refunded for being over the legal limit for the year); Candy Fazakerley $1,000; Paul S. Gilbride Insurance Agency Inc. $1,000; Peter C. Forster $500; The Bernstein Cos. $250; Hamel Commercial Inc. $1,000; Gerald B. Lang $250; Woodruff Price $250; Dominic F. Antonelli $1,000 (refunded for being over the legal limit for the year); Solomon Bekele $1,000; Michael D. Goodwin $1,000; Lynne N. Horning $1,000; B. Doyle Mitchell $700; Hamel Builders Inc. $1,000; Theodore Pedas Revocable Trust $1,000; Landon V. Butler $500; Larry Bailey $500; Polinger Shannon & Luch Co. $1,000; V.T. Murrell $250; Tina Ang $250; Jeffrey M. King $250; Christopher Collins $250; Burger Real Estate Services $100; Allen Wilson Attorney at Law $200; Metropolitan Service and Main Co. $200; Charlene Drew Jarvis $250; Telecommuncations Development Co. $250; Dennis M. Horn $250; Crestwood Holding Inc. $500; Roderic Woodson $250; Mark S. Boekenheide, McLean, Va., $400; Norman M. Glasgow, Potomac, Md., $250; Martha Tuohey $500; John McMahon $500; Kianosh Chitsaz, Chevy Chase, Md., $500; Whayne S. Quin $500; Usula K. Quin $500; Transco Corp. $500; Van Wagner Wall to Wall LLC $500; DRI Partners Inc. $500; CIH Properties, Silver Spring, Md., $500; The Donohoe Cos. Inc. $500; Anacostia Holding Co. $500; Stanley Martin Commercial Inc. $500; James Ratner, Cleveland, Ohio, $1,000; Deborah Salzberg $1,000; RMS, Cleveland, Ohio, $1,000; Albert Ratner, Cleveland, Ohio, $1,000; Brian Ratner, Cleveland, Ohio, $1,000; Greenvest, Vienna, Va., LC $1,000; Maryland Parking LP $1,000; Restaurant Association of Metro Washington $1,000; Cigar Association of America $1,000; ABDO Development $1,000; R. Robert Linowes, Bethesda, Md., $1,000; Albert H. Small, Bethesda, Md., $1,000; RAB Management Inc. $1,000; Miller and Long Co., Bethesda, Md., $1,000; Gould Property Co. $1,000; Lexinton-407 LLC $1,000; Mcwilliams/Ballard Inc., Alexandria, Va., $1,000; Passion Food Hospitality LLC, Bethesda, Md., $1,000; John M. Dowd, Vienna, Va., $1,000; PMC Investments, Bethesda, Md., $1,000; Max E. Salas $1,000; William N. Hall $1,000; Franz R. Rasman $1,000; Banker & Botts Bluebonnet Fund, Houston, Texas, $1,000; Business Services Corp.--WANADA $1,000; John F. Miller III, Bethesda, Md., $1,000; Western Development Corp. $1,000; Mid-City Financial Corp., Silver Spring, Md., $1,000; Joseph G. Svatos $1,000; Matt J. Klein, Bethesda, Md., $1,000; John E. Akridge III, Oxford, Md., $1,000; Thomas W. Wilbur $1,000; Ollie H. Gilford, Silver Spring, Md., $1,000 ($200 was returned for exceeding the legal limit for the year); Capital Hill Group DIP $1,000; Eugene M. Smith, Bethesda, Md., $1,000; I.A.T.S.E. Local #22, Silver Spring, Md., $1,000; James H. Rowe III $1,000; Anthony M. Rachal III $500; J. Fernando Barrueta, McLean, Va., $500; Robert John Murphy, Reston, Va., $500; Nicholas G. Paleologos, Potomac, Md., $1,000; Robert H. Smith, Arlington, Va., $1,000; Robert P. Kogod, Arlington, Va., $1,000; Alfred G. Neely, Denver, $1,000; DuPont Fabros Development LLC $900; Quadrangle Development Corp. $1,000; Leslie Gladstone $1,000; N. Street Follies LLP $1,000; Square 516 LLC $1,000; Remote Surveillance Tec Solutions Inc., Beltsville, Md., $100; 21st Century Group, Baltimore, $200; Hugee Corp. $100; Angel Enterprises LP $1,000; System "42" Inc., Beltsville, Md., $200; Vector-Quadrangle II LLC $1,000; Essex Construction, Oxon Hill, Md., $200; BAM LP $1,000; National Place Lease Co. LLC $1,000 ($500 was returned for exceeding the legal limit for the year); Dorchester Assocs. LLC $1,000; QuikPark Inc. $1,000; Robert Gladstone $1,000; IB Associates LP, Arlington, Va., $500; Wachovia VA Employees Good Government Fund $1,000; Avalon Bay Communities Inc., Alexandria, Va., $1,000; Eugene Ford Pooled Income, Bethesda, Md., $1,000; 1399 New York Ave. Assocs., Arlington, Va., $500; The Jair Lynch Cos. $1,000; Bresler and Reiner Inc., Rockville, Md., $1,000; Warner Investments LP, Arlington, Va., $500; Tishman Construction Corp. of D.C. $1,000; Cornelius Group DBA TCG $250; Blue Capital Kaempfer Penn LP, Arlington, Va., $500; James M. Wills, Forestville, Md., $1,000; Terrance R. Martin, Falls Church, Va., $1,000; Brian Mattingly, Largo, Md., $1,000; Jose Rodrigues, McLean, Va., $1,000; National Capital Industries Inc., Bladensburg, Md., $1,000; Barbara H. Shrensky, Potomac, Md., $1,000; Grossberg, Yochelson, Fox & Beyda, Potomac, Md., $1,000; GT Contracting Corp. $1,000; Ashcraft & Gerel Law, Alexandria, Va., $1,000 ($500 was returned for exceeding the legal limit for the year); W. Scott Sonntag, Greenbelt, Md., $1,000; Regan, Halperin & Long PLLC $1,000; Cadeaux & Taglieri PC $1,000; Cardaro & Peek LLC, Baltimore, $1,000; Jack H. Olender and Associates PC $500; Fred Farhey, Bethesda, Md., $500; Bruce J. Klores $500; Melissa Rhea, Herndon, Va., $500; J.E. Wingfield & Associates PC $500; Bruce J. Klores & Associates $500; Charles C. Parsons & Associates Charter $500; William E. Artz, Arlington, Va., $500; Victor E. Long $500; Thomas Fortune Fay, Silver Spring, Md., $1,000; Patrick M. Regan, Chevy Chase, Md., $1,000; Joshua F. Bowers PC $100; Cohen & Cohen PC $300; The Law Firm of L Palmer Foret, Chevy Chase, Md., $250; Capital Reporting Co. $300; Aaron M. Levine Law Offices $250; Simeone and Miller $200; Kenneth J. Annis Attorney at Law $200; Darrin L. Glymph $300; Emergency $200; Professional Business Solutions LLC $50; Azure LLC $100; Jeffrey H. Gelman, McLean, Va., $250; Jeffrey J. Sherman, McLean, Va., $250; CIH Homes LC, Silver Spring, Md., $500; Bernstein Management Corp. $1,000; Guard Insurance Group Inc., Wilkes Barre, Penn., $250; Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Inc. $1,000; Liberty Mutual, Dover, N.H., $500; Nationwide Mutual Insurance Columbus, Ohio, $500; Advance PCS $250; Medco Health Solutions Inc., Franklin Lakes, N.J., $500; Unicare Life Health Insurance Co., Thousand Oaks, Calif., $250; GEICO $600; Joshua B. Bernstein $1,000; 225 Virginia Avenue LLC $1,000; Keith P. Harney, N. Potomac, Md., $500; Kadcon Corp., Great Falls, Va., $500; Maria Cohn, PhD & Associates $1,000; Barnes Vanze Architects $500; PSCC Ltd. $1,000; Norman Bernstein Management Inc. $1,000; Western Development Corp. $500 (returned for exceeding the legal limit for the year); Lifestyle Enterprises Inc. $200; Bakery De France, Rockville, Md., $500; Law Offices of Andrew J. Kline $500; T. Christopher Roth, McLean, Va., $500; Steven L. Cymrot $1,000; Jonathan E. Helperin $500; Salvatore J. Zambri, Kensington, Md., $500; Timothy J. Choppin, Bethesda, Md., $250; Carl D. Jones, Upper Marlboro, Md., $1,000 (returned for exceeding the legal limit for the year); Aggregate Industries, Greenbelt, Md., $1,000; Arent Fox PLLC $1,000; W.L. Gary Co. Inc. $1,000; Craig Muckle $807.23 (in-kind contribution); BEZ LLC $1,000; Trammell Crow Co., Irving, Texas, $1,000; Gerard C. Widdicombe $500; Harlow R. Case $500; Narda M. Newby $250; Fireman's Fund, Novato, Calif., $500; Safeway Store $1,000 (in-kind contribution); Rappaport Management Co., McLean, Va., $1,000.

-From PACs: Carefirst Associates' PAC, Owings Mills, Md., $500; Robins, Kaplan PAC $1,000; Arnold & Porter Partners PAC $1,000; Washington Gas Light Co. PAC $1,000; Shaw-Pittman PAC $2,000 (exceeded the legal limit), Holland & Knight DC PAC $300; PAC of the Professional Insurance Agency Assoc., Richmond, Va., $500; Metropolitan Washington PAC $1,000; Cornell Corrections Inc., PAC, Houston, $500.

Sam Brooks, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $0

-Total Receipts during the period: $38,360.50

-Total Expenditures during the period: $15,027.10

-Cash on Hand June 10: $23,333.30

-From Individuals and Businesses and other organizations: Colleen McCarty, Arlington, Va., $517.50 (in-kind contribution); Peter Brooks, Charlottesville, Va., $1,000; Fanchon Burnham $656 (in-kind contribution); Helen Burnham $1,000; Christopher Chapin $250; A. Connick $1,000; Louis Connick, Old Lyme, Conn., $1,000; David Deckelbaum $250; Joshua Dunkelman $1,000; Ann Brown $250; John Burnham $1,000; Juan Cameron $500; Duplex Diner $650 (in-kind contribution); Alexander Eisenberg $200; James Tozzi, Vienna, Va., $1,000; Xavier Equihua $250; Brian Glade $917; David Goodhand $1,000; Sarah Gorman $500; Vincent Greski $500; Jonathan Hill, Chevy Chase, Md., $1,000; Thomas Hill $1,000; John Peters Irelan $250; Jay Jackson, Arlington, Va., $250; Gina Lodge, Nashville, Tenn., $250; American Road and Trans. Builders Assoc. $500; Richard Burnham $800 (in-kind contribution); Nora Cameron $1,000; Adam Mahr $1,000 ($750 was an in-kind contribution); Sammy McGlammery $400; Elizabeth Oates $1,000; Edwin Ohl, Dedham, Mass., $1,000; Jeff Pfeifle $750 (in-kind contribution); Margaret Picotte, Loudonville, N.Y. $500; Nina Richardson $250; Jane Saunders $250; Glenn Scott, Santa Fe Springs, Calif., $1,000; Ann Seidlitz $1,000; C. Seidlitz $200; C. Seidlitz $500; Commonwealth Group Ltd. $250; Lane Luskey $250.

-From PACs: Summitt PAC $1,000; Old Castle Materials Inc. PAC $1,000.

Kwame Brown, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $31,527.50

-Total Receipts during the period: $10,655

-Total Expenditures: $27,674.28

-Cash on Hand June 10: $14,508.22

-From Individuals and Businesses and other organizations: Diane Feldman, $250; Brian Woolfolk $250; ASABA Group of Middlesex, Mass., $250; Ronald Joiner $300; Daniel Russell III $250; Strategic Capitol Limited $1,000; Matthew Shannon $500; Clean City LLC, $100; Banneker Capitol Management, Owings Mills, Md., $100; OOOEEO, Lake Ridge, Va., $30; Daris Lewis $350; Ben Soto $500; Omar Karim, Rockville, Md., $250; R. Hunter Company, $100; Mattox Woolfolk LLC $200; Paul Webber IV $300.

-From PACs: NOSMOKEPADC $1,000.

Albert Ceccone, Republican

No financial statement.

Donald Folden, Republican

$500 exemption.

Arturo Griffiths, D.C. Statehood Green

Dropped out of the race.

Marjorie Beverly Hunter, Democrat

$500 exemption.

Jonathan Kidwell, Republican

$500 exemption.

Robert Pittman, Republican

-Cash at March 11: $0

-Total Receipts during the period: $100

-Total Expenditures: $0

-Cash on Hand June 10: $0

Carol Schwartz, Republican

No financial statement.

Keith Silver, Democrat

No financial statement.


Jack Evans, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $247,915.17

-Total Receipts during the period: $7,897

-Total Expenditures during the period: $35,388.62

-Cash on Hand June 10: $220,423.55

-From Individuals and Businesses and other organizations: Randolph S. Merrill, Tampa, Fla., $500; William R. Merrill, Tampa, Fla., $500; Boykin Barnett Companies, Tampa, Fla., $500; Mark T. Remington, Clifton, Va., $250; Christopher Chapin $250; Bart Gordon $100; Elinor Bacon $350; Jonathan J. Ledecky $500; Nigel Gragg $500; Barbara and Timothy Downs $500; Henry Heymann $500; Stanley D. Jones $400.

Jay Marx, D.C. Statehood Green

No financial statement.

Jesse James Price Sr., Republican

$500 exemption.


Adrian Fenty, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $151,971.90

-Total Receipts during the period: $93,773.00

-Total Expenditures during the period: $39,926.80

-Cash on Hand June 10: $205,818.10

-From Individuals and Businesses and other organizations: Marc Afsharieh $500; John E. Akridge III, Oxford, Md., $500; Hugh Allen $500; William B. Alsup III $500; Biree Andemariam, New York, $250; Donovan Anderson $250; Dominic Antonelli, Potomac, Md., $250; Autopark, Inc. $500; B&R Waterfront Properties LLC, Rockville, Md., $500; Ali Baheri, McLean, Va., $500; Joshua B. Bernstein $500; Matthew H. Birenbaum, Arlington, Va., $500; Birthright Inc. Montgomery, Ala., $250; Stephanie A. Bishop $500; Claire Bloch $500; Michael J. Bloomfield $250; Randall Boe, Potomac, Md., $250; Nathan Boggs $250; Pamela Bolo, Bethesda, Md., $500; Francisco Borges, Hartford, Conn., $500; Katherine B. Bradley $500; Robert M. Brandon $250; Max J. Brown $500; G. Donald Calomiris $500; J. Robert Carr $500; Robert O. Carr $500; Cemi Valley Wind Assoc. LP $500; Cemusa Inc., Chicago, Ill., $500; John Christie $350; Circle Network $350; John B. Clyburn $500; CMJ & Company LLC $100; Frank R. Connors, Bethesda, Md., $500; Corporate Systems Resources Inc. Greenbelt, Md., $250; Brian Coulter, W. Bethesda, Md., $250; CSG Urban Partners LLC $250; CTI/DC Inc. $500; Cunningham & Quill Architects PLLC $500; Cyrus Inc. dba Tropicana Carryout $250; Daniel Davis $500; Division 2 LLC $250; Dixon’s Pest Control Inc. $250; James A. D’Orta $250; Thomas M. Downs $250; DRE Holdings LLC $250; Dream $500; Lammot J. DuPont, McLean, Va., $500; Ralph S. Dweck $300; Maureen E. Dwyer $250; Lindsay Eakin $500; Ellington Plaza – DG Partnership, Bethesda, Md., $500; Carla Elliott, Denver, Colo., $500; Crystal L. Evans $500; Gregory M. Evans $250; Hossein Fateh $500; Candy Fazakerley, Middleburg, Va., $500; Greg W. Fazakerley, Middleburg, Va., $500; Phil Feola, Rockville, Md., $500; Avram Fetcher $500; Nancy M. Folger $250; Orit Frenkel $500; John Gardner, McLean, Va., $250; General Services & Marketing $50; Georgia Line Inc. $500; Thomas J. Gerrow $500; S. Jon Gerstenfeld $500; Michael F. Gizaw $300; Priscilla Z. Goodwin Alexandria, Va., $500; Robert Gordon $250; Helaine Greenfeld, Chevy Chase, Md., $250; Greenvest LC, Vienna, Va., $500; Group Dental Services Inc., Rockville, Md., $500; Sharon Gund $500; Melissa Hall $500; Gary W. Hankins $250; Health Right, Inc. $250; HGM Management & Technologies, Inc. $25; Eric H. Holder, Jr. $250; Valerie Holt $500; Glen S. Howard $250; HRGM Corp. $100; International Limousine Service, Inc., $250; Ernest D. Jarvis $250; Hakeem S. Jeffries $250; John Eric Jensen $250; Robert L. Johnson $500; Nigel Wade Jones $500; Joshua F. Bowers PC $100; Matt J. Klein, Bethesda, Md., $500; Jeffrey Kraskin $500; Lance Bailey & Assocs. Inc., Silver Spring, Md., $50; David Lashway $250; Law Office of Ronald C. Jessamy PLLC $500; Law Offices of Mark H. Dickson, $100; Law Offices of Regan Assocs. $500; Ethel D. Lee $250; Leonade D. Jones Trust $100; Zeid Masri, McLean, Va., $500; Anne E. McInerney $500; Jeffrey B. McIntyre $250; James C. McKay $500; John McMahon, Bethesda, Md., $500; Alvin R. McNeal $250; MDI $100; Miller & Long Co. Inc., Bethesda, Md., $500; Edward J. Morgan, Leesburg, Va., $500; Alfred G. Neely, Denver, Colo., $500; Gayle D. Nelson $500; Diane L. Newberg $250; Nile Market and Restaurant $100; Nixon Peabody LLP, Rochester, N.Y., $500; Alan Novak $250; OCH Redevelopment LLC, Bethesda, Md., $500; Nicholas G. Paleologos, Potomac, Md., $500; Caryn G. Pass $250; Pen & Prose $100; Pfizer Inc., New York, $500; Prince Construction Co. Inc. $200 ($300 was returned for exceeding the legal limit for the year); Allison C. Prince $250; Professional Insurance Agents Assoc. of Va./D.C., Richmond, Va., $100; RA-Tech Inc., Alexandria, Va., $50; Albert B. Ratner, Cleveland, Ohio, $500; Brian Ratner, Cleveland, Ohio, $500; Charles Ratner, Cleveland, Ohio, $500; James Ratner, Cleveland, Ohio, $500; Ronald Ratner, Cleveland, Ohio, $500; RCP Partners LLC $100; Molly Reilly $250; Kurt W. Richter $250; Raymond A. Ritchey, McLean, Va., $500; Rixin International Inc. $100; Robinson Assoc. Co. LLC $100; Tamara L. Robinson, South Orange, N.J., $500; Marsha D. Ross $500; Christopher T. Roth, McLean, Va., $500; Max E. Salas $250; Jeffrey A. Schonberger $250; Thomas Shiner $500; Gerald R. Sigal $500; Skyline Connections Inc., New York, $100; Kenneth S. Slaughter $500; Dontai L. Smalls, Silver Spring, Md., $250; Francis S. Smith $500; Daniel Solomon $500; Speedy Tax & Accounting Services PLLC $200; Jeffrey M. Stoiber $250; Joseph M. Suggs, Jr., Bloomfield, Conn., $250; Felicia R. Suggs, Bloomfield, Conn., $250; Joseph G. Svatos $500; TD Bistro, Cheltenham, Md., $50; TEC Law Group PLLC $100; Techworld Hotel Assoc. LLC, Alexandria, Va., $500; The Ashton Group LLC $50; The Donohoe Companies LLC $500; Michele R. Titus-DeBerry, S. Ozone Park, N.Y., $250; Total Management Inc. $150; Trammell Crow Co., Irving, Texas, $500; Tri-State Commercial Closings Inc. $250; Julia S. Ulstrup $250; UniCare Life & Health Insurance Co., Thousand Oaks, Calif., $250; Elizabeth L. Vandivier $500; Vestry of Rock Creek Parish $100; Kurt Vorndran $250; WANADA Business Services Corp. $500; Washington Baseball Club LLC $500; Anthony T. Washington $250; Robert N. Weinstock $250; Western Development Corp. $500; Thomas W. Wilbur $500; WMC Management Co. Inc., Rockville, Md., $500; Julie Woods, Columbia, Md., $350; Brian P. Woolfork $250; Robert D. Youngentob, Potomac, Md., $500; Jeffrey Zients $500; Zuckerman Brothers Inc. $500.

-From PACs: Local 82- Seiu $250; ONE Bloomfield, Bloomfield, Conn., $200; Shaw Pittman PAC $500; Washington Gas Light Co. PAC $250.

-Fenty's committee refunded these companies for exceeding the legal limit: 666 Associates $500; Aames Street LLC, $500; ACG Partners LLC $150; Centennial Street LLC, LaPlata, Md., $500; Centennial Partners PMG LLC, LaPlata, Md., $500; Doggett Parking Co. of Md. $500; Maureen Dwyer $200; Facchina Construction Co., LaPlata, Md., $100; Facchina Contractors, Inc., LaPlata, Md., $500; Facchina Crane Rental LLC $500; Facchina Group of Cos., LaPlata, Md., $500; FSI Equipment, LaPlata, Md., $500; Prince Construction Co. Inc. $300.


Kevin Chavous, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $85,490

-Total Receipts during the period: $6,900

-Total Expenditures during the period: $20,135

-Cash on Hand June 10: $72,255

-From Individuals and Businesses and other organizations: Sandra Robinson $500; Melissa Rhea $250; Narda Newby $200; Bruce Klores $500; Jonathan Halperin $400; Patrick Regan, Chevy Chase, Md., $500; Janet Regan, Chevy Chase, Md., $500; James Taglieri $500; Salvatore Zambri $400; Jack Olender $500; Lovell Olender $500; Wyeth Good Government Fund, Madison, N.J., $150; Capitol Reporting Company $400; Cardaro & Peek LLC $250; Ashcraft & Gerel, Alexandria, Va., $500; Raden & Smith PC, Silver Spring, Md., $500; Stein, Mitchell & Mezines $250.

Donna Eileen Daniels, Democrat

$500 exemption.

Vincent Gray, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $0

-Total Receipts during the period: $13,958.71

-Total Expenditures during the period: $12,633.71

-Cash on Hand June 10: $1,325

-From Individuals and Businesses and other organizations: Charles Colton $500; Retta Gilliam $500; Thomas Gore $500; Phillip Hammond $500; Linda Harlee $250; Howard Maybry $500; Donald G. Murray Jr. $250; Ron Pettiway $250; Paul Savage $450; Patric Watt $250.

Almetia Hairston-Hamilton, Democrat

No financial statement.

Mary D. Jackson, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $100

-Total Receipts during the period: $0

-Total Expenditures during the period: $0

-Cash on Hand June 10: $100

James W. Johnson, Democrat

$500 exemption.

Maxine Nightingale-Starling, Republican

No financial statement.

Steven Eugene Pettus, Democrat

$500 exemption.

Michele Adair Tingling-Clemmons, D.C. Statehood Green

No financial statement.

Jerod Tolson, Republican

No financial statement.


Nathaniel T. Adams, Democrat

No financial statement.

Sandy Allen, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $0

-Total Receipts during the period: $39,560

-Total Expenditures during the period: $1,907

-Cash on Hand June 10: $37,652.21

-From Individuals and Businesses and other organizations: Suzanne J. Peck, McLean, Va., $500; William C. Smith Co. Inc. $500; Harkins Builders Inc. $500; Paramount Title & Escrow LLC $300; Sharon A. Baskerville $250; D.C. Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss $500; Renee Walls $250; Bank of America K Street Banking Center $500; Patrina L. Fowler, Silver Spring, Md., $250; Narda M. Newby $500; Melissa Rhea, Alexandria, Va., $500; Sandra H. Robinson $500; Jack H. Olender $500; Law Offices of Jack Olender $150; Harlow R. Case $500; Cohen & Cohen PC $500; Law Offices of Paul Strauss $500; Kim Keenan, Arlington, Va., $500; Elizabeth Jesukiewicz Frey, Myersville, Md., $250; Regan, Halperin, & Logng PLLC $500; Patrick Regan, Chevy Chase, Md., $500; Janet N. Regan, Chevy Chase, Md., $500; Victor E. Long $500; James M. Hanny $250; Wayne M. Mansulla $250; Vincent McKnight $250; Mark L. Schaffer $250; The Vory Firm PLLC $500; Monica O. Ray $500; F. Alexis H. Roberson $500; James W. Hill, Jr., Columbia, Md., $500; John Tujuana, Columbia, Md., $500; Phinis Jones $500; Scott H. Perlmutter $500; Joan Sutton, Rockville, Md., $500; Jeffrey F. Varone, Potomac, Md., $500; Trina Valone, Potomac, Md., $500; Capitol Services Management Inc. $500; Hope Village Inc. $500; IDS Group D.C. Inc. $500; VMS LLC Developers $500; J.E. Wingfield & Associates PC $500; Barry J. Nace, Chevy Chase, Md., $500; Kenneth J. Annis $300; DC Legal $500; Thomas Fortune Fay, Silver Spring, Md., $500; Salvatore J. Zambri, Kensington, Md., $500; Bruce J. Klores $500; Prudence Wachenzil $500; Paulette E. Chapman, Alexandria, Va., $400; Keith Donahoe, Bethesda, Md., $400; Koonz, McKenny, Johnson $500; Joseph H. Koonz $500; Carolyn M. Johnson $500; Cynthia I. B. Lightfoot $500; Marc Fiedler $300; Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church $200; Stein, Itchell and Mezines $400; Holtz & Foret, LLC, Chevy Chase, Md., $200; Jonathan E. Halperin $500; Joan M. Sim $500; Michael D. Ward $250; Alice M. Rivlin $500; Enterprise Rent-a-Car Co., St. Louis, $500; Esagh Inc. $200; Fasika & Lena Inc. $200; Global Restaurants Inc. $250; Pennsylvania Rail Inc. $150; Assylum Co. LLC $500; Madam's Organ Restaurant $200; Peppers $100; Lindy Promotions Inc. $200; Executive Inns Inc. $200; Romain's Table Inc. $125; Tryst Inc. $125; TCR Inc. $350; Hunan Inn Inc. $150; Nightclub 930 $250; The Vorv Firm PLLC $500; Red Dragon $150; Frederic Harwood $500; Trio Restaurant $250; 1345 Corp. $250; Planet F. Inc. $250; Am And Eve Corp. $500; U Bar Inc. $50; Katherine L. Strauss $500; Uptown Moving and Storage $150; Bar 9 LLC $250; Circle I Productions Inc. $200; Steven G. Christacos $300; Kelemewa Corp. $300; Nightclub 930 Sledge Inc. $300; Madam's Organ Restaurant and Bar $150; The Asylum Co. Inc. $400; Esagh Inc. $150; 18th St. & U Duplex Diner $250.

Marion Barry, Democrat

No financial statement.

William O. Lockridge, Democrat

No financial statement.

Jacque Patterson, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $0

-Total Receipts during the period: $1,250

-Total Expenditures during the period: $0

-Cash on Hand June 10: $1,250

-From Individuals, businesses and other organizations: Lydia’s House $500; Far Southeast-Southwest CDC $500.

Carlton Napoleon Pressley, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $0

-Total Receipts during the period: $0

-Total Expenditures during the period: $0

-Cash on Hand June 10: $0

Sandra "S.S." Seegars, Democrat

-Cash at March 11: $0

-Total Receipts during the period: $838

-Total Expenditures during the period: $0

-Cash on Hand June 10: $838

Leon J. Swain Jr., Democrat

$500 exemption.

Copyright 2004, The Common Denominator