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Teachers re-elect Bullock president

(Published May 31, 1999)

Members of the Washington Teachers Union, which represents the city’s public school teachers, re-elected Barbara A. Bullock as president and Esther S. Hankerson as general vice president to their third two-year terms on May 21.

Bullock received 865 of 1,533 ballots cast. Challengers George Parker and Elizabeth Davis received 443 and 223 votes, respectively.

Bullock is the subject of a complaint currently pending with the Public Employee Relations Board. The complaint alleges that Bullock colluded with Mayor Anthony A. Williams and Superintendent Arlene Ackerman to overturn the union membership’s vote to reject part of a proposed contract. Union members voted April 14 to accept the compensation provisions of the contract and reject the provisions on working conditions and other non-compensation issues. The board meets June 8 to consider the complaint.

The appointed Emergency Transitional Education Board of Trustees decided not to vote on the proposed contract. Approval from the financial control board is pending.

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