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2002 campaign

Incumbents, challengers pick up petitions to gain spot on ballot

(Published May 20, 2002)

D.C. residents have begun throwing their hats into the ring to seek elective office this fall, now that nominating petitions are available from the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics.

Twenty-eight Democrats, four Republicans and five Statehood Green members had picked up petitions by the end of last week to seek their respective political party’s nomination in the Sept. 10 primary. Only those candidates who by July 3 submit valid petitions, signed by the required number of registered voters for the office they seek, will find their names listed on the election ballot. Primary winners will face off in the general election on Nov. 5.

Only two incumbents – D.C. Delegate to Congress Eleanor Holmes Norton and City Council Chairman Linda W. Cropp – had so far drawn no challengers. Also seeking re-election this year are Mayor Anthony A. Williams, At-Large Councilmen David A. Catania and Phil Mendelson, Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham, Ward 3 Council-woman Kathleen Patterson, Ward 5 Councilman Vincent B. Orange, Ward 6 Councilwoman Sharon Ambrose, Shadow U.S. Senator Paul Strauss and Shadow U.S. Representative Ray Browne.

The following Democrats picked up nominating petitions:


• MAYOR – Johnny Barnes, James Clark, Victoria E. Gordon, Osie L. Thorpe and Anthony A. Williams.

• COUNCIL CHAIRMAN – Linda W. Cropp.

• AT-LARGE COUNCIL – Al-Malik Farrakhan, Arthur H. Jackson Jr., Phil Mendelson, Mahdi Shabazz and Beverly J. Wilbourn.

• WARD 1 COUNCIL – Da’Nita R. Brown, Tony DePass, Jim Graham, Dee Hunter and Randall Kelly.

• WARD 3 COUNCIL – Erik S. Gaull and Kathleen Patterson.

• WARD 5 COUNCIL – Vincent B. Orange, Ralph Queen and Harry Thomas Jr.

• WARD 6 COUNCIL – Sharon Ambrose and Keith A. Perry.

• SHADOW SENATOR – Pete Ross and Paul Strauss.

• SHADOW REPRESENTATIVE – Susana Baranano and Ray Browne.

The following Republicans picked up nominating petitions:

• MAYOR — James Caviness, Nathanael Phillips and Cardell W. Shelton.

• AT-LARGE COUNCIL – David A. Catania.

The following Statehood Green Party members picked up petitions:

• MAYOR – Steve Donkin.

• AT-LARGE COUNCIL – Michelle Tingling-Clemmons.

• WARD 1 COUNCIL – Edward C. Troy.

• SHADOW SENATOR – Jay H. Marx and Joyce Robinson-Paul.

An additional Statehood Green Party member, Adam Eidinger, filed a Statement of Candidacy with the Office of Campaign Finance on Feb. 25 and designated a campaign committee to seek the Shadow Representative position. Eidin-ger had not yet picked up petitions.

Two school board members, President Peggy Cooper Cafritz and District III representative Thomas C. Wells, have formed campaign committees to seek re-election in November.

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