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City narrows choice to move impoundment lot, salt dome

(Published January 22, 2001)

City officials have narrowed the choices for where to move the vehicle impoundment lot and one of three salt domes to make way for a new Kmart store’s construction to get underway this spring in Northeast Washington.

But they are still declining to reveal to residents where those sites are — and privately acknowledging that part of the secrecy stems from the fear that nobody really wants either city facility moved to their back yard.

"It’s not like people are clamoring to get them into their neighborhood," said one city worker who asked not to be quoted by name.

Mary Myers, a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Works, said the city "has selected a 6-acre site that is centrally located" where it hopes to relocate the Brentwood Road salt dome. But she said officials will not reveal that location because the city "is negotiating to purchase this site."

A new location for the city’s impoundment lot, which needs to be able to accommodate 450 to 500 towed cars, has been narrowed to "two D.C. owned or operated sites," Myers said. She declined to provide further details and other officials involved in the process did not return calls. Myers said the city’s Office of Property Management will make the final decision on where to move the dome and impoundment lot.

In the meantime, Kmart developer R. Richard Walker of Graimark-Walker said he remains confident the planned spring groundbreaking will occur on time.

"Everything is on track," he said.

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