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Respect the voters
(Published January 22, 2001)

Shame on Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans and 10 of his colleagues on the City Council for even considering repeal of the term-limits law that was approved by 68 percent of D.C. voters who cast ballots on the 1994 initiative.

Evans has taken the lead on the 13-member council in proposing that the will of D.C. voters be voided by the very people who will be most affected when city council elections occur in 2004.

Spare us the flowery arguments about term limits being "undemocratic." Self-interest in preserving their $90,000-a-year jobs — at taxpayers’ expense — is transparently the motive behind this effort to overrule the District’s most democratic institution: the ballot box.

We applaud Ward 4 Councilman Adrian Fenty and Ward 7 Councilman Kevin Chavous for publicly stating they will respect the decision D.C. voters made.

Council members Evans, Linda Cropp, Harold Brazil, Carol Schwartz, David Catania, Phil Mendelson, Jim Graham, Kathy Patterson, Vincent Orange, Sharon Ambrose and Sandy Allen should recognize that they had the opportunity to make their opposition to term limits heard before voters cast their ballots. Presumably, all 11 of them also cast their own ballots at the election.

The voters have spoken. Council members who strongly disagree have the option of ordering a citywide vote to reconsider the issue.

Shall we take their contempt for the will of the electorate to mean they also don’t consider their own election to have been legitimate?



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