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The Common Denominator co-sponsors

forums for school board candidates

(Published September 25, 2000)

The Common Denominator has joined several community groups in co-sponsoring a four-part "Inform-the-Vote" series of forums to provide voters with information about the candidates running for positions on the newly constituted D.C. Board of Education.

Voters for the first time on Nov. 7 will hold a citywide election to select the school board president. Seeking the position are The Rev. Robert G. Childs, who is the current board president; Lawrence Gray, legislative director for the D.C. Congress of Parent and Teacher Associations; and Peggy Cooper Cafritz, a local arts patron who helped found the Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

Voters also for the first time will elect school board representatives under a new four-district system that combines the city’s wards. The system, approved by voters at a special election on June 27, replaces ward representation on the school board.

The four-part forum series will travel to each of the new districts, showcasing the candidates running in the district in which each forum is being held. In addition to the particular district’s board candidates, each forum will include the three candidates seeking to become school board president.

All four forums will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Here’s the schedule:

•DISTRICT I (Wards 1 & 2) – Oct. 10 at Hillel House on the George Washington University campus at 2300 H St. NW;

•DISTRICT II (Wards 3 & 4) – Oct. 12 at the University of the District of Coilumbia’s auditorium in Building 44 at 4200 Connecticut Ave. NW;

•DISTRICT III (Wards 5 & 6) – Oct. 4 at Trinity College’s O’Conner Auditorium at 125 Michigan Ave. NE;

•DISTRICT IV (Wards 7 & 8) – Oct. 6 at Pennsylvania Avenue baptist Church at 3000 Pennsylvania Ave. SE.

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