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339 file to seek ANC seats

(Published September 23, 2002)

Neighbors will face off this fall in several contested races for non-partisan Advisory Neighborhood Commission seats. In some places, due to redistricting after the 2000 Census, incumbent commissioners will compete for a single seat.

But in 52 of the city’s 286 single-member districts, no candidates have filed for the Nov. 5 election. And in Ward 2, no one has filed to run for either of the two seats that make up Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2D, the city’s smallest ANC.

A total of 339 persons filed petitions to get their names on the ballot to seek ANC seats this fall. To get listed on the ballot as an ANC candidate, individuals need to collect 25 signatures of registered voters who live within the boundaries of their single-member district.

ANCs advise D.C. government agencies, which are legally required to give "great weight" to ANC recommendations on matters of public policy. Decisions by ANCs can affect such areas as planning, streets, recreation, social service programs, health care, police protection, issuance of liquor licenses and sanitation within the ANC’s neighborhoods.

There are 37 ANCs in the District, with each commission ranging in size from two single-member districts to 12. Each single-member district contains approximately 2,000 residents.

Commissioners are elected to two-year terms, but volunteer their time without pay.

Although the filing deadline has passed for candidates to get their names on the November ballot, individuals can still become write-in candidates by filing a "declaration of candidacy" form with the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics no later than 4:45 p.m. on Nov. 12.

In races where there is only one official write-in candidate, that person would be declared the winner if at least one voter writes in that candidate’s name. When more than one official write-in candidate exists, the candidate who received the most write-in votes would be declared the winner.

Maps of single-member districts and lists of registered voters living in each ANC are available from the elections board. More information is available by calling the board at (202) 727-2525 or by visiting the board’s Web site at

The elections board also can help residents determine in which ANC they live. Registered voters will find their neighborhood’s ANC single-member district number printed on their voter registration card.

The following single-member districts have no candidates on the November ballot:

WARD 1: 1A03, 1A07, 1B11,1D01, 1D04 and 1D05.

WARD 2: 2D01, 2D02, 2E04 and 2F05.

WARD 3: 3B01, 3B04, 3C04, 3D01, 3D07, 3D08, 3E02, 3E05, 3F01 and 3F05.

WARD 4: 4A04, 4A05 and 4C01.

WARD 5: 5A07, 5C10, 5C11 and 5C12.

WARD 6: 6B01, 6B11 and 6C03.

WARD 7: 7A04, 7A06, 7B06, 7C01, 7C06, 7D03, 7D05, 7D07 and 7E03.

WARD 8: 8A07, 8B03, 8B05, 8B06, 8C01, 8C05, 8C06, 8D01, 8D06, 8E01, 8E02, 8E03 and 8E05.

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