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DCPS control period extended to January

(Published July 31, 2000)

Financial control board members met briefly July 28 to formally extend their authority over the D.C. Public Schools to Jan. 2, 2001, when the new school board is due to assume power.

On Nov. 7, voters will elect the school board president and representatives in four newly designated geographic areas that each combine two city wards. The changes in the school board’s structure were narrowly approved by voters in a June 27 referendum.

The new school board also will include four appointed members, who will be appointed by Mayor Anthony A. Williams but must be confirmed by the D.C. City Council.

"This an important period of transition," control board Vice Chairman Constance Newman read from a written statement at the control board’s meeting. "This period will require a number of groups — working together — to prepare for the new structure."

The control board directed its Educational Advisory Commit-tee to work with the current elected school board, which remains in existence through the end of the year, to address "critical issues" facing the school system.

The control board also noted that new interim Superintendent Paul Vance remains the chief executive officer of the schools, in charge of all operations and management, and reports directly to the control board during the transition to a new school board.

D.C. Public Schools open for the new school year Sept. 5.

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