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...and so does GOP

(Published July 31, 2000)

D.C. Republican leaders, including Councilwoman Carol Schwartz and Councilman David Catania, will be in Philadelphia for their party’s national convention this week, joining over 2,000 delegates to nominate George W. Bush as their presidential candidate.

Thirty delegates and alternates are slated to attend the week-long convention, which runs July 31 to Aug. 3.

Several delegates will serve on prominent convention committees, which shape the party for the next four years. Delegation chairwoman Ann Heuer and James Lowe, the District’s committeeman-elect for the Republican National Committee, will sit on the rules committee, which will determine the party primary schedule for 2004. National Committee-woman-elect Julie Finley and Bruce Jackson will be on the platform committee, deciding the party’s issue positions.

Catania also will be featured at a July 31 event honoring gay and lesbian Republican officials.

Other delegates include Alice Banks, W. Ronald Evans, Francisco Guzman, Kathleen Leonard, Nancy Nord, Theodore Perros, Barbara Spillinger, Betsy Warren Werronen and John Wilks.

Alternate delegates include Jonathan Bergman, Maureen Blum, Susan Denniston, Councilman Gilbert Hahn, Jr., Margaret Heimbold, Bulbul Howard, Adam Kidan, Anthony Parker, Pamla Prochnow, Sandra Schliker Renfro, Robert Richards, Carl Schmid, Wyatt Stewart III, Gary Teal and Nancy Theis.—Kate Alexander

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