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Young Technocrats charter revoked

(Published June 28, 1999)

The D.C. Board of Education voted June 16 to revoke the charter of the Young Technocrats Math and Science Charter School. School founder Myesha Washington said she will appeal the board’s decision.

Technocrats, with students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, was put on probation in April after monitors observed disorderly classrooms, poor attendance and lack of academic rigor. Subsequent inspections revealed that the school owed back pay to teachers as well as federal and local taxes.

Washington said the school ran out of money in March because of unforeseen expenses incurred fixing up the aging building. She said the school building at 101 T St. NE was vandalized last summer and that the copper plumbing and kitchen equipment had been systematically removed.

Washington said teachers went unpaid from March to May and two quit during that time. The school also lost more than 100 students early in the year. The school has until July 15 to file an appeal.

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