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Council passes budget

(Published May 22, 2000)

D.C. City Council unanimously approved the cityís $3.3 billion budget for fiscal 2001 May 19 as The Common Denominator was preparing to go to press. Little detail was available immediately.

A press release issued by council Chairman Linda W. Cropp said the city is "making a financial investment" in clean and safe neighborhoods, working families and small businesses, health care, job growth and education, as well as increased funding for garbage collection and street and alley cleaning.

She noted this is the fourth consecutive balanced budget city leaders have approved since the financial control board was created

The original federal legislation creating the presidentially appointed board called for its authority over the Districtís affairs to become dormant after the city completed four consecutive fiscal years with balanced budgets. Fiscal 2001 begins on Oct. 1 of this year and concludes on Sept. 30, 2001.

The councilís budget bill must now go to the mayor, who transmits it to the control board if he approves. The budget must then be voted on by Congress as part of the federal governmentís fiscal 2001 budget process.

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