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Crime drops 19.4%
(Published February 21, 2005)

Reported crime dropped 19.4 percent citywide in January, according to new statistical data from the Metropolitan Police Department.

All but two of the city's seven police districts registered double-digit reductions in crime during the month, compared to January 2003. Crime went down most significantly in the Sixth Police District, located east of the Anacostia River, where a 42.3 percent reduction was recorded. The next highest reduction in crime was in the First Police District, which includes Capitol Hill and much of downtown Washington.

Crime was down in all seven police districts, despite spotty increases in some crime categories during the month. Thefts, including shoplifting, increased 9.8 percent in the First Police District and 3.3 percent in the Second Police District, encompassing much of Upper Northwest.

Auto-related thefts increased in the Third Police District, which includes Dupont Circle and the U Street corridor. Thefts from autos went up 7.6 percent and auto theft increased 5.7 percent. Auto theft also increased in the Fourth Police District, where it went up 10 percent.

The Fourth Police District, including the northernmost section of the Georgia Avenue corridor, also recorded a 35.7 percent increase in assaults with a deadly weapon. Assaults also went up 2.2 percent in the Seventh Police District, comprising Far Southeast and Far Southwest Washington.

Overall crime went down the least in the Seventh Police District, which also registered the second-lowest total number of serious crimes reported during the month. The 267 major crimes reported to police during January 2004 were a 6.6 percent overall reduction from January 2003.

The fewest major crimes, 262, were reported in the Second Police District, where crime went down 19.4 percent overall. Police were busiest during the month in the Third Police District, which recorded 624 major crimes and a 9 percent overall reduction.

Major crime categories included in the statistics are homicide, sexual assault, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, theft, theft from auto, stolen auto and arson.

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