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Ramsey rearranges D.C. police ranks

(Published January 10, 2000)

Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey announced promotions and reassignments for 13 of his top administrators Jan. 5, including the appointment of four district commanders.

Capt. Peter Newsham was promoted to commander and put in charge of the Second Police District. Capt. Anthony Poteat was promoted to commander and assigned to head the Fifth Police District, replacing retiring Commander Lloyd Coward.

Commander Abraham Parks will lead the Fourth Police District, where former commander Rodney Monroe was demoted after he failed to properly investigate thefts from the police districtís safe. Commander Ross Swope was reassigned and made commander of the Third Police District. The appointments mean all seven police districts now have permanent commanders.

Commander Jose Acosta, who led the third district, was named head of the departmentís Special Investigations Unit. Commander Shannon Cockett, former commander of the Second Police District, was promoted to assistant chief and will serve as director of the Maurice T Turner Jr. Institute of Police Science.

Ramsey also reassigned two assistant chiefs, Alfred Broadbent and Brian Jordan, and promoted five other captains to the rank of commander. The new commanders are Joseph Griffith, Evelyn Primas, Christopher Lojacono, Mark Beach and Christopher Cooch.

This round of administrative changes is the second in Ramseyís 20-month tenure as chief of police. His first major command changes took place five months into his term.

Ramsey also introduced a new look for the departmentís higher officials. Ramsey ordered all police officers ranked lieutenant and higher to switch from their traditional white shirts and begin wearing the same blue shirts that the street officers wear. The term "whiteshirt" was often used derisively by patrol officers to refer to their superiors.

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